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Miniatures are a distinct breed of the equine family

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Mini donkeys for sale

Miniatures are a distinct breed of the equine family


What Is a Miniature Donkey?

What is a miniature donkey?Miniature donkeys are a distinct breed of the equine family, and have not been bred down in size like miniature horses.

From Sardinia and SicilyThey were imported to the United States - on a limited basis - over 70 years ago from Sardinia and Sicily- off the coast of Italy.

Very few ancestors remain at their original locationOnly a handful of the ancestors from these original bloodlines still reside on these islands.

Beloved Pets

In the United States, mini donkeys have become beloved pets:

Ideal companion animalTheir small size coupled with a calm and gentle disposition makes them an ideal companion animal.

Many usesAlthough, originally they were used for packing burdens, guarding livestock, pulling loads and even mining; today, they are used for a variety of other activities.

What you can do with a miniature donkeySee article on What you can do with a miniature donkey.

Hardy and easily managedMiniature donkeys are hardy and easily managed.

Lifetime petsThey are lifetime pets, and with proper care and feeding can live on the average of 25-30 years.

friendly and trustworthyAs the friendliest, most affectionate and intelligent animal of its type, the mini donkey has a trustworthy patience around the elderly, children and the handicapped.

Mini Donks as Equine Therapy

Studies and experiments in the U.S.A., United Kingdom and Switzerland show that the placid temperament of donkeys make them superior to horses in "Equine Therapy Work." In addition, they are known to have a greater capacity to bond and respond to humans than other equines.

One of the first importers of miniature donkeys to the United States in 1929 sums it up quite well:

Quote by Robert Green"Miniature donkeys possess the affectionale nature of a Newfoundland, the resignation of a cow, the durability of a mule, the courage of a tiger, and an intellectual capability only slightly inferior to man's." - Robert Green


What Can You Do With A Miniature Donkey?

Whether you have a few acres or a sprawling ranch, miniature donkeys make a most rewarding and versatile investment. Despite the economic ups and downs of recent years, miniature donkey have not only held, but increased their appeal and value. They are "easy keepers" - hardy, desert animals with much less maintenance and expense than horses. Their compact size makes them much easier to manage and handle than their larger counterparts. Less inclined to kick than horses, they are much safer around children.

Gentle and affectionateThey are gentle, affectionate, and sociable to people of all ages, making the perfect pet. They are used as companions for other animals (mainly other equines), and have a calming influence on racehorses and stallions.

Guards for livestockSome are suitable for guarding livestock-goats and sheep are safer from predators with a miniature in the pasture.

Fun to train and showThey are fun to train and show. You can be a serious halter competitor or have a laugh at the barrel races.

Showing a miniature donkey

Beasts of burdenTraditionally "beasts of burden," they can carry small children, pull carts or wagons for pleasure, drag loads around the farm, or carry packs on a mountain trek.

SO CUTE!!!They're cute!!! There's something so uniquely endearing about those big long ears and soft brown eyes that make you want to hug them. You can pick up and snuggle the foals in your arms! They also follow you around and make you feel special. Don't you like feeling adored?

Little girl hugging a donkey
Courtesy of Rae Wheelis Photography

Donkeys keep us humbleThey keep you humble. Although some may be sleek champions with impressive trophies and top-gun handlers, they are, after all . . . donkeys! And unpredictable at that! Consequently, even the most serious competitors have a sense of humor which makes participating in events a lot of fun. Which leads me to my next point...

Donkeys make us laugh!They make us laugh! They are very expressive and can be great comedians. Each one has a very distinct personality which may be exhibited when you least expect it.

Some donks are great for guarding smaller livestock

Donkeys are good listenenersThey are good listeners.

An uncommon petThey're not common like dogs or cats. So, they make a wonderful conversation starter..."You own What?" They still are a unique and "exotic" animal, even though they have been imported since the 1940's. Still many people have never even heard of a miniature donkey much less seen one.

Attention-gettersThey can be a real attention-getter for your farm, home or business.

Best for equine therapyThey are considered the best for "Equine Therapy Work", helping many mentally and physically handicapped.

Teach young people responsibilityHaving mini donkeys is a wonderful way for teaching young people character and responsibility through "animal husbandry".

Great for public eventsA great attraction for public events such as parades and church pageants.


Caring for a Miniature Donkey

Although donkeys are "easy keepers", they still require attention and TLC. Everyone who considers purchasing a miniature donkey should weigh the cost; time and responsibility. In addition to basic care, their affectionate and faithful nature deserves a relationship.

Donkeys usually bond in pairs, so everybody should have an equine buddy. May be another donkey, mule, or horse.

A pair side by side

Fresh clean water at all times.

Feed good quality Tifton 85 or coastal/Bermuda hay. When grass is not abundant, each donkey gets about 1/2 to 1 flake morning and evening.

Miniatures generally require between 1-4 lbs. of good quality, balanced feed as a supplement. The amount, frequency, and protein/caloric content of the feed given should depend on the individual. The age, weight, etc. of the animal should be judged, as it is extremely important not to overfeed or underfeed. Some good products: Purina Strategy, 10% Horse and Mule, Purina Omalene 200, etc.

It is important to have mineral supplements available at all times. It is wise to use two different forms-loose and block-to ensure all donkeys get some form of them*.

*It is important for the minerals to be specifically for Equines, not cattle or other livestock!

Hooves should be trimmed generally every 6-8 weeks. It is possible to learn to do this yourself, when not using a professional farrier.

Regular worming using a broad-spectrum paste like Ivermectin. Dose by weight every 6-8 weeks or as needed due to weather conditions.

Mature donkeys need (at least) annual vaccinations. We recommend Flu-Rhino, EWT, West Nile, and Rabies at minimum. Consult your veterinarian for vaccines concerning young donkeys and pregnant jennets.

A simple 3-sided shed should be provided at least. Barns and shelters, paddocks, and pasture need to be kept clean for parasite control.

Unclipped donkeys usually do not have fly problems (except occasionally in spring/summer). If you decide to body clip, use an equine fly spray when necessary. Keeping areas manure-free and using fly traps is the best solution for abundant flies.

Spending time with your miniature donkey is beneficial both ways!

Donkeys are lots of love

For more information about miniature donkeys contact the following organizations:

Southwestern Donkey & Mule Society
American Donkey & Mule Society
National Miniature Donkey Association












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